Industrial Forging Furnace With Induction


Industrial Forging Furnace With Induction


1 IF induction forging furnace the metallurgical industry,
2 Foundry industry,
3 Forging industry,
4 Heat treatment industry,

Rated capacityKG10-5010015025035050075010001500
Rated powerKW501001001301802504506001000
Input voltageV380380380380380380380380-2380-2
Transformer capacityKVA601201201502003155008001500
Out voltageV750750750750750750150025002500
Output frequencyKHZ2.51111110.80.8
Melting timeMin10-4010-4020-5020-5020-5020-5025-5530-6030-60
Power consumption(steel)Kw.h/T900850850800750700650620600
Power consumption(cast iron)Kw.h/T850800800750700650630610580
Power consumption(copper)Kw.h/T500500500490480480400390380
Power consumption(aluminum)Kw.h/T780750750710670620600570540
Water coolingT/h3557810151825

1. A new generation of energy-saving effect of IF induction furnace has a little impact of the power, forging&melting high efficiency, temperature uniformity, oxidation loss of small, easy to control, thermal insulation effect is good and so on. IF induction furnace control system using silicon-controlled AC-DC power conversion theory, the digital non-relay control, with high reliability and high operating frequency of anti-jamming capability with automatic tracking, work processes without human intervention, automatically match the load and power. With over-current, over voltage, lack phase, insufficient water pressure protection capability that allows devices of any failure occurs during operation will not damage components, reducing the use of equipment and maintenance costs. With penetrating heat, melting, brazing, heat treatment, sintering, such as supporting the use of single-crystal drawn. Can increase the temperature feedback system, the composition of the temperature closed-loop automatic adjustment system: increase the temperature of separation attached to machines, to achieve only send qualified forging temperature of the workpiece station. The addition of specialized interfaces, accept the PLC or the “man-machine interface”, industrial machine control and heating system to achieve intelligent control, coupled with intelligent temperature control instrument for precision temperature control of the implementation of smelting&hot forming.

2  induction furnace consists of:
IF control power supply, capacitor cabinets, furnace body (aluminum or steel), machinery (hydraulic) Pour heater installations, water distributor, crucible mold (graphite crucible, iron crucible), water-cooled cables, connectors Copper

3 supporting optional equipment:
Into the line of transformers, high voltage switchboard, water cooling system, change furnace switch, leak furnace alarm device, lining ejection device