Induction Heating Titanium Blade


Induction Heating Titanium Blade With Radio Frequency Heating Treatment Units

Objective Heat a titanium blade to 500°F (200°C) to melt and drain the wax from inside the blade.
Material 4” length (101.6mm) titanium blades with 1.5” x 0.25” (38.1mm x 6.4mm) metering area
Temperature 500°F (200°C)

Frequency 60 kHz
Equipment • DW-HF-15kW induction heating system equipped with a remote workhead.
• An induction heating coil designed and developed specifically for this application.
Process A specially designed eight-turn helical coil is used to heat to the blades. Power is applied for 3.5 minutes. The wax melts and drips out of the blade.
Results/Benefits Induction heating provides:
• Uniform and repeatable performance
• Faster application time
• Non-contact heating