Induction Heating Theory PDF

INDUCTION HEATING was first noted when it was found that heat was produced in transformer and motor windings, as mentioned in the Chapter “Heat Treating of Metal” in this book. Accordingly, the theory of induction heating was studied so that motors and transformers could be built for maximum efficiency by minimizing heating losses. The development of high-frequency induction power supplies provided a means of using induction heating for surface hardening. The early use of induction involved trial and error with built-up personal knowledge of specific
applications, but a lack of understanding of the induction heating principles. Throughout the years the understanding of the basic principles has been expanded, extending currently into computer modeling of heating applications and processes. Knowledge of these basic theories of induction heating helps to understand the application of induction heating as applied to induction heat treating. Induction heating occurs due to electromagnetic force fields producing an electrical current in a part. The parts heat due to the resistance to the flow of this electric current…..

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