Induction Heating the end of catalytic converter


Induction Heating the end of catalytic converter For Welding Test With High Frequency Heating Machine

Objective Heat the end of lorry catalytic converter exhaust system. The assembly must be held at target temperature for 200 hours, whilst the assembly is vibrated to test the weld strength.
Material Steel
Temperature 842 – 932 ºF (450-500 ºC)
Frequency 75 kHz
Equipment DW-HF-15kW, induction heating system, equipped with a remote work head containing two 5 μF capacitors for a total of 10 μF and an induction heating coil designed and developed
specifically for this application.
Process/Narrative A four-turn conical-shaped solenoid coil is used to heat the end of the exhaust system during the weld strength testing. It takes approximately 5 minutes to reach the target temperature
between 842 – 932 ºF (450-500 ºC). This temperature is then held for 200 hours whilst the system is vibrated to simulate driving conditions. The weld is then inspected for cracks.
Results/Benefits Precision output of the power supply holds the desired temperature within a tight tolerance.