Induction Heating Steel Handle For Bending


Induction Heating Steel Handle For Bending With High Frequency Induction Heating System

Objective Heat pliers for final shaping of the handles
Material Steel pliers handles 5” (12.7 cm) long; 0.14” (3.56mm) thick
Temperature 1200ºF (649 ºC)
Frequency 50 kHz
Equipment DW-HF-4.5kW induction heating system, equipped with a remote heat station containing two (2) 0.33 μF capacitors for a total of 0.66 μF. An induction heating coil designed and developed specifically
for this application.
Process A multi-turn helical coil is used to heat a 3.75” (9.53cm) long zone on one handle of the pliers at a time. The coil design allows easy loading and unloading without having to rotate the part. The handle is inserted into the coil and heated for 30 seconds to reach 1200°F. Then the part is transferred to a
press and formed into the correct handle shape.
Multiple pliers handles may be heated simultaneously with a higher kW power supply.
Results/Benefits • Precisely heating the desired zone avoids overheating of part. This provides higher quality vs. heating with a torch.

induction heaing steel handle