Full solid state induction heater

DW-MF-35kw Medium Frequency solid state Induction heater for melting,forging,annealing,heating treatment and shrink fitting,etc.

HLQ induction equipment Co is a leader of medium frequency solid state induction heaters|devices|units|systems|equipments manufacturers and designers for induction brazing,welding,induction forging,induction stress relieving,induction melting,induction post welding,induction hardening surface,induction PWHT,air cooled induction heating devices,etc.


Top 35kw medium frequency full solid state Induction heater manufacturer-MF-35kw solid state heating generator,IGBT medium frequency induction heating system.

Main Features:

  • Big power, low frequency and good diathermancy.
  • High frequency, low power consumption, easy installation and simple operation.
  • It can continuously work for 24 hours for the comprehensive full load design.
  • It adopts the IGBT inverter circuit in parallel connection, which ha high load adaptability.
  • It has functions as over-voltage, over-current, over-heat, phase loss and water shortage alarm indications as automatic control and protection.
  • Compared with other heating models, it can significantly promote the economic benefits, improve the quality of heated work pieces, save the energy and material, alleviate labor intensity and improve the production environment.

Main application:

  • Medium frequency Induction Heating Machines are usually used in the penetration heating occasions, for example, rod heating for forging rod end heating
  • Melting of almost all kinds of metals
  • Heating of stators or rotors for fitting
  • Heating of tube end for extrusion
  • Heating of moulds deep quenching of shafts and gears tempering or preheating of weld joint and so on



Input power desire

3 phase,380V, 50/60HZ

Oscillate power max


Max input current


Oscillate frequency


Cooling water desire


Duty cycle

100% ,40°C






Net weight


Cable length


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Medium frequency induction heating

Medium frequency induction heating