Induction Bar End Heating Furnace

HLQ Induction Equipment Co is the World leader in the design and manufacture of induction heating products including those for induction bar end heating applications. Higher production rates can be achieved with the use of multiple solenoid coils while channel induction coils facilitate material handling of long bars through the use of chain conveyors to continuously feed the bars through the C-shaped coil.

Parameter of induction bar end heating furnace:

Input Voltage3phases, 380V/410V/440V , 50/60Hz
Max Input Current320A400A480A640A800A960A
Oscillating frequency0.5KHz^20KHz ( Oscillating frequency will be customized according to the size of heating parts)
Duty Cycle Loading100%,24h continuously work
Cooling Water Desires0.1MPa<Water Pressure<0.3MPa, Water hardness<50
Extensionextension will be customized according to the material and size of heating parts
Depend on the dimension of extension

Induction Bar End Heating furnace

Induction Bar End Heating Machine

Induction Bar End Heating Coil

Induction Bar End Heating Coils