Electric glass melting furnace


High Quality Electric Glass melting furnace,Lab ceramic melting furnace,lab ceramic melting oven,Laboratory glass melting kiln 

Product Description

1600.C 1700.C Electric ceramic melting kiln/glass melting furnace for ceramics  consists of high quality inported Morgan materials fiber bricks with Novel appearance,the shell is made of good quality steel profiles,surface spray,quick heating,anti-corrosion,inside and outside the double oven stes,the surface temperature is low,equipped with air cooling ,cooling speed reasonable circuit design,microcomputer control,double circuit protection(over-temperature,over voltage,over current,even paragraphs,powers,etc.)


1600.C 1700.C Electric ceramic melting kiln/glass melting furnace is Widely used in ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemicals, machinery, refractory materials, development of new materials, specialty materials, building materials and other fields of production and experimental.



1600.C 1700.C Electric kiln for ceramics

Laboratory Heating Equipments Classification frit furnace ab muffle Furnace

Temperature Project1600C
Maximum Working Temperature1650C
Long-term Working Temperature1600C
Temperature Accuracy± 1 C (according to the size of the heating chamber).
Heating ElementSilicon carbide
Furnace temperature field uniformity± 1 C
Temperature measurement devicesTemperature measurement devices
ThermocoupleS Type
Heating rate1 °C / h to 40 °C / min adjustable
Furnace temperature≤ 45 degrees
RefractoryHigh purity alumina fiber
Computer InterfaceRS485 RS232 USB


The following models shelf furnace size can be customized (see special custom)

Furnace modelWorking temperatureCrucible sizeCrucible capacityVoltage AC
KSS-16000—1600CDia80*200 1L12KW
KSS-16000—1600CDia120*200 3L15KW
KSS-16000—1600CDia150*200 5L18KW
KSS-16000—1600CDia240*300 10L24KW
KSS-16000—1600CDia240*400 15L30KW