DW-HF-90kw Induction Heating Equipment

DW-HF-90KW Induction Heating machine|system|unti|device is used for heating treatment,brazing,melting,shrink fitting,forging,etc.

HLQ induction equipment Co is a leader of induction heating machines|devices|units|systems manufacturers and designers for induction brazing,welding,induction forging,induction stress relieving,induction melting,induction post welding,induction hardening surface,induction PWHT,air cooled induction heating devices,etc.


The top induction heating machines manufacturer and supplier for induction brazing process,industrial metal melting,induction forge,PWHT,induction preheat welding,shrink fitting,induction hardening surface,etc.

Main characteristics:
    1.  100%duty sycle ,continuous working is allowed at maximum power output.
    2.   Light weight ,50-160KG only.
    3.   Constant current or constent power status can be selected accordingly to achieve higher heating efficiency.
    4.   Display of heating power and heating currentand oscillating frequency.
    5.   Auto-compensation circuit of frequency modulation and frequency,the function of digital high precise powerstarting improves greatly the Heating and Brazing stability.
Input power desire3X380V 50-60HZ
Oscillate power max90KVA
Oscillate frequency30K-80KHZ
Input power max99KVA
Cooling water max0.3Mpa≥6L/MIN
Oscillating current30-160A
Duty cycle100%30 °C
CubageHost computer650X350X455mm
 Cable length2m
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